Protection is: ON
Server Status: Online
Total Accounts: 5141


  • Redemption-KalOnline
  • A server that been worked on for over a year, our intentions are clear that we want to create a long term server with a low rate experience and drop rates to satisfy everyone's ambitions to find a good server to settle in, Redemption-KalOnline is old-school based server and it will always be, here is some of the systems and information about our server..

  • Rates
  • Redemption Kal is based on Low Rate Experience and Drops, but it's not a super low rate since server start because we believe that real fun starts after 50 so it will be easy from 1 to 35, bit harder from 35 to 50 and the real server's low rate starts after 50..

  • Daily Quests
  • Daily quests will be giving no experience, but you will be able to obtain mana potions, kc items, exp/egg/fishery stones, Eels and Picking Pet from it..

  • PvP/PvE Damages
  • We are using a new and different calculations for our skill damages where there're no damage caps, every skill upgrade really matters and every point really scales with your skill damage..

  • Play To Win
  • Everything in our KalCash shop is normally obtainable in the game (We have no overpowered items)..

  • Disabled Items
  • DSS, Jewels, Qigongs, Trigrams, Hanin Mirrors, Riding Pets, Custom Suits, Weapon Skins..

  • Items To be Added in Higher Levels
  • HP/DEF Absorption..

  • Fishing, Shop Rewards and Golden Coin
  • There will be no golden coin nor rewards for setting shops, only fishing is available and is limited to 5 fishers per IP..

  • Exp Stones
  • Only obtainable from voting box, daily quests, storyline missions and will not be added to KalCash shop..

  • Mana Potions
  • Mana potions will be only obtainable from quests and will not be added to merchants..

  • Mix Master
  • There will be no Instant pimp stones, Mix Master is the only way to use stones and to make your weapon Imperial..

  • Pimp Master
  • There will be only 5/5, 6/6, 7/7 (Physical and Magical), for higher levels you need to do them your self (Using tailsmans of attack/magic).