Protection is: ON
Server Status: Online
Total Accounts: 5141


  • [Accounts]
  • -KalOnline Redemption team is not responsable for you losing your password or ID.

    -Trading accounts or items for other servers is not our responsability. We don't help scammed players in this case, and you will be banned if you're caught trading.

    -Sharing your account's info or items is at your own risk.

    -We will never restore items when we find out you gave away your ID/PW or used the same ID/PW info on another server.

    -Selling characters for money is forbidden, if you got reported by someone you are trying to sell to or negotiating over selling your character for real money we will do our part and deliver this character for the one who reported but for free.

  • [Scamming]
  • -If your character is shared and is found “empty”, we will not restore items. Sharing is a risk you take so only share with somebody you know well.

    -If you get scammed while trading items/accounts for another server, we will not restore the account/items.

    -Keeping drops in party cannot be considered scamming, Don't party players that you don't know, and if you do, make a droprule like finders-keepers.

  • [Insulting]
  • -Have a common sense, don't be racist, keep religions and genders out of the game.

    -If you're getting insulted you can use /ignore name , if it goes really extreme then you can send ss to one of our game masters and he decides whether to block the insulter or to warn him only.

    -Insulting a GM will immediately get you blocked.

  • [Hacking/Botting]
  • -Hacking in anyway will get you a permanent HWID ban.

  • [Botting/Macros]
  • -Any kind of automation of gameplay is forbidden.

    -If you got caught botting you will be warned for the first time, second time leads to 12 hours ban, third time is 3 days ban and 4th time is a permanent block.

  • [Bug Abusing]
  • -Bug abusing will get you banned and a game master can decide the duration of the ban whether for a specific time or a permanent ban depending on how the bug affected the game community

  • [Advertising]
  • -Advertising other servers in any way is forbidden, you will get a permanent HWID ban.

  • [Others]
  • -The Admins reserve the right to penalize players for actions that are not listed above but are considered inappropriate.