Protection is: ON
Server Status: Online
Total Accounts: 5648

Systems Schedule

Name Day Time
Castle War Sunday 21:00 GMT+2
Battlefield Monday/Wednesday/Friday 21:00 GMT+2
GvG Tuesday 21:00 GMT+2
F10 System Saturday 21:00 GMT+2
Raid System Thursday 21:00 GMT+2

Bosses Schedule

Name Day Time Bosses locations
Demon Queen Saturday 20:00 GMT+2 DUNGEON[4]
Twisted Demon Defender Every 4 hours 06:00,10:00 GMT+2 E-mok Island [A 7,8]
Guard Of Doggebi Lord Every 4 hours 08:00,12:00 GMT+2 DUNGEON[3] [Floor 8]
Element Master Daily 20:30 GMT+2 Tower Of Priest [Floor 3,5,6,8,9]